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The Unity Strengthens America slogan was conceived several years ago when I owned a custom silk screening business. On occasion, I’d gaze over the white stars, the red and blue stripes of our country’s flag and ponder about its significance before fulfilling the customer’s order. During the first gulf war, my business began to gain traction. The American people seemed to support that war and flag orders were flying off the shelf. It occurred to me that when there is clear justification for war, Americans generally come together, making the country stronger. Uniting as a country made us better. But, why were we not able to unite without a war to rally around? This thought played in my mind for months. How could we better promote unity in general throughout our country? One day, while I was gazing at another flag order, this time a design with the letters U-S-A on it, I was struck by a rallying cry. U-S-A…Unity Strengthens America!

That was about twenty years ago. At the time, I didn’t know quite what to make of the slogan. So I went on living, helping to raise my five children and working. But that rallying cry, U-S-A…Unity Strengthens America, never left my spirit. Now with my children grown and successful and me approaching retirement, I had more time to think about its meaning to me. How could I use the slogan to promote the health, wellness and growth in our country? I prayed for understanding and direction. Then one night I was struck by an epiphany.  It came much like the rallying cry, but this time in the form of a melody. This excited me. I was music minor in college, a saxophonist, but I hadn’t used those talents in many years. Inspired by my long held slogan and the catchy melody in my head, I set out to make something of it. The result, with the help of some gifted friends, is the Unity Strengthens America song, video and logo (infomercial).

 I am not affiliated with any organization, nor am I working with a political party or special interest group. I am just a man, husband and father, who had a positive vision for our country and believes in our country’s potential for greater things.

 The following Unity Strengthens America logo items for sale are: t-shirts, caps mugs, the song and other promotional items upon request. License agreements and whole sale purchases are also available.

The hope is the  Unity Strengthens America positive message will be utilized in conjunction with the works of other organizations and individuals. That it will be a productive counter to divisive rhetoric, and provide a healing therapy.

Unity- The American Pride
We may be culturally diverse, but when it comes to defending our country we all stand united and as one. Oneness and Humanity in America is not a phenomenon, it’s a reality. Let us come together again and celebrate love, unity and humanity, all that makes America a great place to live.

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