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The Unity Strengthens America logo is symbolic of much. The avatar’s shape represents health and wellness and the country’s support for it. Like our very own flag, the red in the logo represents the blood, sacrifice, and courage of those who defended their country; the sun and the hope and warmth it brings. The sun, and its power and the might of our country, is further represented by the gold, as well as the wealth of our nation. Returning to the avatar, its color of white represents America’s purity when the country looks out for the best interest of all people. Finally, the avatar’s arms raised symbolize victory when the country is unified. The avatar is encircled in a darker shade representing night. The country must never forget its dark days. They are a part of us and when we learn from those times, becoming better, we again achieve the power of the sun, which surrounds the darkness and continues to give us life.

Harmony in USA- Show and Spread the Message of Unity

Our ancestors have shed their blood to defend this country. To acknowledge their sacrifices and courage and to continue to depicting to the world that despite of the American diversity, we all are one and to promote the message of United America strength, visit We have a large variety of USA logo items for you to show, support and take forward the message of unity in the United States of America.

Note:- Click on Tshirt, Polo-Tshirt and Cap picture to see all colors.

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